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Jamub guarantees to complete all of its regularly scheduled cleaning and disinfecting services commitments on time. Jamub also guarantees to respond to, and promptly resolve, any specific issues within one business day.



It is simple – we provide Measurable Cleaning/Disinfectant Results. Jamub ENERGY focuses exclusively on clients that require quality disinfectant and cleaning services for which we have reputation for. Jamub Energy’s’s operating systems, branded processes and outstanding client service have formed the foundation for delivering exceptional cleaning services.


We are so confident of our services that we actually guarantee your satisfaction with us. Jamub Energy Limited guarantees to respond to and promptly resolve any specific service issues within one business day. If for any reason, Jamub Energy Limited should fail to meet either of these obligations, you are entitled to a complimentary cleaning service call. This is a key differentiator between Jamub Energy Limited and other suppliers.


A consistently clean facility should be viewed as an investment, as it provides a real return by not only projecting an image of professionalism and quality to customers but also creating a safe, healthy working environment for your employees. In addition, JAMUB ENERGY LIMITED increases your return on investment by providing the following:

ü  A well-trained and experienced cleaning crew that you know and trust because they are bonded

ü  A comprehensive cleaning schedule designed specifically for your facility

ü   The expertise and ability to provide additional services when needed

ü  Proactive communication and a ready response any time the need arises

ü  Quality assurance processes that consider your point of view

ü  Top-of-the-line cleaning and Disinfectant equipment that removes dust and dirt, rather than redistributing it

ü  “Green” cleaning chemicals that promote improved air quality

ü   Hospital-grade disinfectants that kill bacteria and germs

ü   Material safety data sheets

ü  Monitoring supplies and informing you when they are low, or restocking them if that is your preference

ü  The ability to disinfect your entire facility to prevent a bacterial or viral outbreak