• 2020-05-05
  • Admin

On the heel of the dreaded novel pandemic, Jamub Energy Limited has taken the front lead to help mitigate the effect of the disease spread on the Nigeria populace by resourcefully developing a disinfectant into various product, handy and available to individual at all stages.

This is a complete emergency response measure adopted by the company to help reduce the impact of corona virus spread on the Nigerian populace.

These products includes the following;

-       Hand sanitizer (adults and school children sizes)

-       Car sanitizer

-       Room sanitizer

-       Human Disinfections Booth (HDB)

-       Anti-virus Fumigation

Our products comes in two major compositions according to the standards of World Health Organization ((WHO) which are the alcohol based and chlorine based disinfectant.

Its exclusive feature includes the capacity to act as antiseptics, antibacterial, and antivirus. More importantly our formulation is designed to be powerful than corona virus such that it deals with any type of virus known or unknown. This chemical has been carefully engineered to be strong enough to denature Covid- 19 without destroying any none pathogenic elements on the human body.

This initiative is put together by an indigenous company working side by side with the Nigerian government to help reduce the spread of this virus.

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