JAMUB ENERGY LIMITED is a member of JAMUB GROUP OF COMPANIES. It was incorporated on the 28th of February, 2012 to provide energy solutions spanning across renewable energy source (solar energy),non-renewable energy source (Petroleum and Natural gas) and management, investment and execution of general contract through application and implementation of sophisticated and advanced engineering technologies consistent with current international best practices which are in adherence with the environmental and safety regulations so as to ensure sufficient and sustainable energy for our environment.

As a quality energy, general contract, oil and gas products and services provider, our job is to responsibly develop and deliver world class quality services, products & equipment’s that improve lives and profitability.

Our task is to do this in a manner that creates maximum value and returns for our partners and for our customers and also building a win-win relationship and secure safe, professional mutual business relationship.

Our work environment is open, honest, creative and supportive as we encourage the ideas and opinions of our a?liates and our employees to serve our mutual business growth in Nigeria and the World at large.


To provide efficient and innovative energy solutions with high quality products and services, spearheading holistic customer satisfaction and welfare.


To be the most preferred and dependable provider of energy solutions, products and services in Africa. Contributing reasonably towards a better world.